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i just got finished talking to my most favorite person in the world! joshie i love you. neway... not much has happened. except that i went to my celebrating the arts class and realized that i was in the wrong place. so by the time i did get there...i was like 10min. late...lol oh well. that's so the story of my life. also, i went to put my headphones on after english and well, lets just say that i'm a little too rough with my stuff... so i had to go and buy some new ones today. they are kinda crappy but i only paid 7 bucks for them.


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Dec. 15th, 2002 12:32 pm (UTC)
I never once lied when I ever said I loved you! But I know Im a jerk and me saying that probally doesn't change anything. The power of Hinesight. You regret something after it happens. I wish I didn't say the things I did. Sorry I was reading through this and started crying and kinda missed you. I really wish I wasn't so pig headed. I really wish I could talk to you and take back every thing I said but you probally dont want me to.mmmmmmmmmmm I really wish I would think things out before I do them. maybe in the next life I'll get that right with you and not mess up so badly with you like I did in this life. Maybe if you can figure out who this is and email me we could maybe talk. And maybe if you figure out who it is and email me or call me maybe I could at least appoligize over the phone because I would really like to say Im sorry but not like this. I would like you to hear me say it. I would call you but Im kinda scared cause I messed up pretty bad.
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