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i'm in a crappy mood right now. i'm sitting here listening to music that doesn't help, it just brings me down even more. i'm writing my paper for theatre and i can't think. Not at all. my head is spinning and i wish that i could just go to bed. but i can't go to bed till i write this paper. and i can't finish this paper til my head stops spinning. man...

i was thinking today... i know... normally i don't do alot of that, but today was an exception. i was thinking about what my life will look like in the future. i know, that is pretty dumb but i was. i kept picturing things that i didn't want. so i don't know what i want now. i can't believe that my imagination can be so vivid. sometimes i just want to shut it off and to not think about anything at all. but i can't. and i probably never be able to.

looks like courtney and i are moving. amanda finally agreed to switch so, now, we are going to be moving in with emily. i think that emily will be so much happier now. and so will vern and amanda.

thanksgiving is coming up, and i don't know what i'm going to do yet. i know one thing, and that is i'm not going with my parents to knoxville. i decided against it. so, i'll probably just spend it alone...

i have had a couple of invites... but, i don't want to impose on anyones family meal. i mean seriously. but then again... i don't want to be alone... i hate being alone...

have you ever felt so strongly about something... but you don't know what to do about it? it is always on your mind and every where you look, you can't get away from it. i think my paper would be going so much better if i could think about something else. but, i want to do something about it. but i can't. there isn't anything I can do. nothing. i have to just sit here and think about it. my head is killing me, and i want to go to sleep.
but oh well, i guess i should stop procrastinating....
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