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ok... ok... already...

i know that living at home is supposed to be alot easier than living out in the world... but right now... i wish that i lived in a cardboard box... at least then i would get a moments peace with out having someone breathing down my neck about not doing anything but play video games! what do they take me for? a maid? i mean geez...

i painted our front room today... i messed up my dare shirt... man... oh well, let me see... what else have i done today in the span of my last entry...

i cleaned my room... i took care of all the animals... and i started dinner... WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!?!?!

sure.. i took some breaks and played zelda... but i mean.. . look what i did get done.

now, my wonderful loving parents have decided that they might end up going still... geez... WHY ME?!?!?!

also... on a brighter note... i'm going to go and get a coat this evening... wish me luck... when i comes to coats i am really picky... why do you think i don't have one now? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA.. ha ...he...heh...h...

righty-o hope you all are having much more fun than i am... because, well, it would be really hard not to...


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Nov. 27th, 2002 02:47 pm (UTC)
Sheesh..sounds like your parents (just as my teachers) dont understand what a vacation is! Oi. Good luck on the coat. And call me tomorrow as to whether or not you are coming. Indecisive parents are a bitch. *nods*
Nov. 27th, 2002 06:16 pm (UTC)

Hi sorry about the pizza hut thing, nothin personal I just seriously wanted to go to the cast party. Plus I just wanted to hang with the people that know how to enjoy themselves b/c their were a few individuals who spent most of fall play season whining and bitching about Ms Mellen and I don't agree with them at all. I still love em though. The spring musical is HONK! The ugly duckling. I told everyone that I want to act like Bjork on stage with my swan costume. Hey do you like PJ Harvey? I LOVE her I've been listening to her for years. And could you email me a code so I can have a livejournal? My email is zbailey16@yahoo.com. Me, Trisha and Sara Beal will be conquering Oxford either friday the 6th or 13th. We shall pay you a visit if you're home. I told Sara about me and now she loves me even more than she did before. Things are getting a little better in my life. I'd like to have an update on yours. I miss ya. I'm in KY at the moment and will be until Saturday evening. Happy Spanksgiving.

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