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thanksgiving day

YAY! thanksgiving...

so i woke up at 10... and started getting ready to go and eat thanksgiving with dee's family. So, as i'm getting ready, someone knocks at the door, its dee and its only 1030 right? well, she is convinced that it is 1130 and that she is a half an hour late! it was hilarious. so we get to her house and dinner isn't ready yet. so... we decide to sit down and watch braveheart! YAY! go my favorite movie!! then we eat. GOOD STUFF let me just tell you now. I don't like turkey so i didn't eat any but man... it still feels like i ate a hippo. lets see... what did i have... i had yams, salad, green bean casserol, rolls, mashed potatoes, and stuffing. BUT get this... they make their stuffing with meat! so it was the first time i have ever had that happen before. All of the food was delicous... mmm... i should stop thinking about food now. after we ate, we played a game of you don't know jack... or was that before we ate? i can't remember... anyways... normaly i suck at those types of games... BUT I WON!!!!!!! score... (laughs) anyways.... i hope you guys had as much fun at thanksgiving as i did...
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