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MOVING AGAIN?!?!?!?!?!?

yes. i, Jessica Ann Logan, am moving again. TO WESTERN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! score!! i am so happy and excited and so sad all at the same time. i'm serious. i will be really far away from my friends and they will all forget about me and never come visit me... (((sigh))) this is going to be so rough. but i am happy also. because it means i get to major in musical theatre like i have wanted to do for so long.

anyways, my new roommate seems pretty cool, i went to meet her tonight. her name is christina. i have a double in mckee, 217 on the second floor. but, the closet is huge, the room is awesome, and get this.... THE SHOWERS HAVE STALLS!!! not curtains... it will be so nice to finally not have to worry about the curtains... (laughs) so yeah.... feeling pretty wierd right now....
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