October 2nd, 2002


well yeah

gee don't you just hate it when you are in a room talking to someone and you get this distinct feeling that you are being talked about behind your back? well yeah, lets just say i am not exactly happy about that one right there. hmm...things to do today. talk to my choir dir. about going to russia...get my parking permit for my car...write a paper...go to class...go to lab...take a nap...and then i think i'm done. even if i'm not, oh well. right now i really miss my joshie though. if only he could drive...or if i could drive...or if sometype of bus like thing could pick us up and take us somewhere...right... i'm a crack addict don't mind me. i don't vent a lot but i'm going to now. my theatre teacher really just makes me want to hit myself repeatly, in the head...with a stapler. she gives us this assignment at the very end of class and its a really hard assignment ok? we have to find a video of someone making a speech about something that we dissagree with. then, we have to study the video, and become that person, in one day. i don't know about you...but developing a character normally takes me a bit longer than a day. not only that, but then you have to put into account that i have to FIND this video somewhere. that cuts my day right in half. then you add all my classes and labs and work and homework for other classes in... which leaves me? 2 hrs?!?!?!?! what the heck!
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flaws (title of song)

When did i last see your face?
it was when the stars came crashing down
all that's left is this bitter taste
of what might have come around

oh what to do now?
your gone and i'm still here
wondering where the world went
and why everything disappeared.

when i look back now
i see the coming signs
the fatal flaws i missed
and how it all unwinds

i know what to do now
your gone but i'm still here
going on with life
meeting people who are sincere

its been forever
but i can make it
don't need the pressure
of watching you fake it


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oky doky

i'm in a good mood right now! oh yeah! not much is happening around here the good ol' dorm. my day went pretty good, except for the fact that i didn't do hardly anything on my todo list... oh well, what are those for anyway? i mean, who actually makes a todo list and then follows through on it...(don't answer that) let's see... went to botany, then i went to theater lab where i electrocuted myself. yeah! i was up on a lift in order to fix some lightbulbs. i was 30 some feet in the air. i reached out for the lightbulb fixture and i guess someone had cut the wires on one side of it. then they forgot to cover the ends. i touched the live ends and well... i was a crispy critter...not actually. but that didn't really bother me. i was laughing really hard about it. after lab, i came back to the dorm and sat on my computer playing rpg's all night. i'm such a dork. yeppers that's me!!! today is my sister's birthday, but she hates me so i didn't get her anything. she doesn't deserve it anyways. i bet you think i'm evil now... (coolness)
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