October 6th, 2002



so...we just got back from columbus! we (kim, jess, ashley, and charly)went to a haunted house that kim found on the net. it was called the haunted hoochie. it was pretty good but you had to have a tour guide take you thru it and i don't like haunted houses that don't do that. right... anyways... so like i am at kim's dorm at wright state and we are all staying the night. i think that it will be pretty cool. but, on our way up to the haunted house, we got lost and had to stop and ask for directions! i thought that we would never make it. i am glad though that i got to spend some time with my old friends from high school. i was started to miss them an awful lot. i miss josh though. i haven't got to see him awhile... hopefully though today i will...
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