November 14th, 2002


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What Kind of Virgin Are You?

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You Are a Goth!

You're so gothically outrageous, and you aren't afraid to flaunt it.

Whether you dress up like Robert Smith or a tragic Little Bo Peep,

chances are that you'll be parading around with the rest of the goths at Yoyogi Park on Sunday.

Don't forget your white makeup and blue lipstick! Who knows?

You may just get picked up by one of the seedy photographers.

What's *Your* Japanese Subculture?

i haven't posted in awhile... sorry about that...

my trip to the hospital was fun...


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    courtney sleeping (i think)

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right now... i don't know what to think anymore. i wish my life were simplier. a few people have said that they think i'm clynically depressed. i don't know what to think. i'm going to call the cousnlors tomorrow. why does everything have to go wrong in my life? i'm not sure...

in lighter news...

i might get to change my major. if they have enough space for me on western campus. then i'll get to take my musical theatre major. that would be so perfect....

but nothing like that would ever happen to me...

update: i have no life.... i beat Zelda: a link to the past, in two days...

wow.... someone.... anyone....

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    yep, courtney is still sleeping!