July 23rd, 2003


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me: what's this?
Emily: I unno
Emily: craziness?
Emily: gra-TWO-it-E?
me: *laughs*
Emily: was there any rolling on the floor?
me: what?
me: what are you talking about?
me: i'm so confused...
Emily: you laughed
me: oh
me: ok
me: no, i did not roll on the floor
Emily: have you heard of this, "rofl"?
me: *LAUGHS*
me: yes
me: dee happens to do it alot i hear
Emily: that's what I read
me: only she calls it... roffle
Emily: yeah
Emily: I think that's the French version
me: it must be
Emily: Dee's so cultured
Emily: and we are merely swine
me: yes she is
me: she blows us away
Emily: AND HOW!
me: i'm a consumer whore you knwo
Emily: oh yes
Emily: AND HOW
me: *laughs*
Emily: My anus is bleeding
me: kelp dip, now with more sodium
Emily: it preserves the kelp
me: sweet Jesus
Emily: ummm... I'm all out
Emily: I can't think of anymore
Emily: cursed not watching it in forever
Emily: umm..
Emily: YAY!
me: *laughs*
me: i'm sorry
Emily: Beef log, beef log, what a treat!
Emily: a hefty hunk of processed meat
Emily: dipped in mustard, OH WHAT JOY
Emily: I'm a jolly beef log ... girl
me: cheese log
me: cheese log
me: clyndrical and yellow
me: cut the cheese log and i'm a happy fellow
Emily: heehee
Emily: beef log beef log... well, repeat
Emily: I better go
Emily: talk to you later my love

i haven't had one of those coversations in awhile... felt the need to post it, i did... *grins*

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