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Which LOTR Actor Is Your Ideal Husband?

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What's Your Personality Type?

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went and saw lotr two towers for the 5th time...

its better the 5th time, but next week, it will be better the 6th time oh yeah baby!!!!!!!!

sometimes i think i should really get a life...

and then i wake up and realize, i have a life, just not a mainstream, jcrew, "i'm a cheerleader" life.

AND I LIKE IT THAT WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (((so don't touch it)))

and to end this post, i will leave you with a few words from one of the smartest cartoon characters i know: brak

"I'm a cucumber, I'm a cucumber, I'm a cucumber, I'm a cucumber, I'm a cucumber, I'm a cucumber, PLEASE DON'T TAKE ME TO THE PICKLE FARM!!! (bum ba da dududududaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!)

goodnight ladies and gentlemen
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