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i think i'll make a real post today

went to the dermatologist, dropped a class, went to class, had lunch/dinner with jennie, and now i'm on the internet, wasting my life away... oh well, at least its got decent graphics and sound bites...

bleh, feeling even better though today... i wanna thank all the little people who helped me through one of the most hectic times in my life... you know who you are, and why i call you little, mostly because you are shorter than i but yeah...

i got bills coming out the wazzo, and no way to pay them, i don't make enough money...

i really want to win the lottery, or marry someone really rich... yeah... that would be nice...

starts to dream... (((dee knows who of)))

(((sigh))) (snaps out of it) what? what was i saying? hmmm.... oh well, guess it wasn't that important...
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