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what i did this weekend

ok, i went home on friday. trisha and i went to a battle of the bands which was cool. but we went with her friend Mikahail, who, to say the least is a little uh... controling? anyways, we had a good time. sat, i got up, cleaned my cages of all three of my animals cages. (alex passed on about a week ago) (((crys))) my mom hadn't told me til i came home. (sniff) anyways (sigh) lets move on.
then i vaccuumed, cleaned my room, dusted the entire house, carried in wood. (phew) then at about 5 i got on the internet and leveled my character! WOO HOO, that was fun... i went to bed at about 12? maybe 1...
sun i got up late. first thing i had to wash dishes. then i got to go with my dad to move furniture at my gramma's house. (i love being used as a labourer) carried in wood, made a fire, fed all the animals not just mine this time.
mon, i went to the dentist. i love the dentist. WEEEEEEE seriously though, i love the dentist. i got a new toothbrush. heck yeah. then i couldn't believe that i didn't have to do anything else... you know why? HA!!! i went back to the dorm and then...
now we'll move on to tues. and today....
we went to our weekly feeding at shriver. which was fantastic. later, dee and i went to her house and watched.... FELLOWSHIP (the extended version none the less) and we watched the commentary by the actors... woo boy, funny stuff. i recommend it to everyone.
today i got up, went to theatre, taught jennie how to ride a bike that is 5 times bigger than she is... (that was funny) i wish i would've had a camera...
and now, i'm sitting at my computer, wasting my life away... (laughs) not that it was much of a life...
so yeah... coolness abounds
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