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oky doky

i'm in a good mood right now! oh yeah! not much is happening around here the good ol' dorm. my day went pretty good, except for the fact that i didn't do hardly anything on my todo list... oh well, what are those for anyway? i mean, who actually makes a todo list and then follows through on it...(don't answer that) let's see... went to botany, then i went to theater lab where i electrocuted myself. yeah! i was up on a lift in order to fix some lightbulbs. i was 30 some feet in the air. i reached out for the lightbulb fixture and i guess someone had cut the wires on one side of it. then they forgot to cover the ends. i touched the live ends and well... i was a crispy critter...not actually. but that didn't really bother me. i was laughing really hard about it. after lab, i came back to the dorm and sat on my computer playing rpg's all night. i'm such a dork. yeppers that's me!!! today is my sister's birthday, but she hates me so i didn't get her anything. she doesn't deserve it anyways. i bet you think i'm evil now... (coolness)
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