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yeah! so we just got back from seeing mitch live. it was so funny. we got there way to early and had to sit out in the parking lot for like uh... ever? but then we got in and it was all cool. we tried to meet him afterwards, but someone is stalking him and they weren't allowing visitors. (shoot man) when we left, we were at a stoplight, and these guys asked us if we wanted to get a hotel room, and i said, no we don't have any money. then they said, well we have the money if you have the pussy. i casually replied, well we don't, we are men. then they started saying something, but we rolled the windows up. the light changed and we were laughing our asses off!!!!! all in all, a good night. its been a while since i have been hit on by anyone. (ahemjoshahem) but i am tired now so i will go to sleep.
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