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so its been awhile since i updated you. but let me tell you didn't miss much. i was really sick when i got back to the dorms on sun. i don't know exactly what set me off. i think i had some kind of allergic reaction to something. lets see...mon...i went to botany, then i went to work. after work, i went to girl's choir. oh yeah! joyness and fun. the whole time, i was sick. today? i went to theater, i attempted to go to my vocal lesson, but i could barely uh...yeah...that didn't happen. at all. hmm... i came home, took a nap, went to english, girls choir, then my celebrating the arts class. after that, i pretty much stayed in for the night. i went across the hall to hang out with my good friend emily for awhile. oh yeah, i forgot. josh and i had this conversation today, or some other day, on what we should do different. he says i'm to goofy and i am not serious enough, and i told him the exact opposite. it was so funny. so he wants me to be more romantic and stuff. i don't know how exactly but i'm going to try... hmm... if your a girl and you're reading this...reply back to me and help me out here!
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