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so its been awhile since i updated you. but let me tell you now...you didn't miss much. i was really sick when i got back to the dorms on sun. i don't know exactly what set me off. i think i had some kind of allergic reaction to something. lets see...mon...i went to botany, then i went to work. after work, i went to girl's choir. oh yeah! joyness and fun. the whole time, i was sick. today? i went to theater, i attempted to go to my vocal lesson, but i could barely talk...so uh...yeah...that didn't happen. at all. hmm... i came home, took a nap, went to english, girls choir, then my celebrating the arts class. after that, i pretty much stayed in for the night. i went across the hall to hang out with my good friend emily for awhile. oh yeah, i forgot. josh and i had this conversation today, or some other day, on what we should do different. he says i'm to goofy and i am not serious enough, and i told him the exact opposite. it was so funny. so he wants me to be more romantic and stuff. i don't know how exactly but i'm going to try... hmm... if your a girl and you're reading this...reply back to me and help me out here!


Oct. 8th, 2002 09:01 pm (UTC)
I am so important I made it into Jessi's lj. Yippee for me! Praise be! Umm... you should tell him number one, that you are friggin' awesome and he should always keep that in mind. Then make a list for him like I told you Sean and I did. What is his fav color/movie/etc, I can help you out. Just come see me for tips. I need more background info on the boy first though. I will guide. ~EmmyG

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