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from dbz to lotr... where will we draw the line?

dee and i were standing in my hallway last night. we clenched our fists and threw back our heads and screamed really loud. every so often, we would stop and look at each other.
me: is my hair blonde yet?
dee: no, is mine?
me: no, keep screaming, and clench your fists tighter... oh and throw back your head farther.
finally, we turn to each in realization.
dee: i don't think it'll work... i don't think we are saiyans...
me: yeah... and we don't have tails, or a male organ
dee: do we need a male organ?
me: well, i've never seen a saiyan female... have you?
dee: no
me: neither have i...
dee: well that's because the only ones left are goku and vejiita.
me: hmm... true
well, maybe they are so alike in look and apperance...

then dee and i lost it... we laughed so hard... oh man... we are such dorks *grins*
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