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ok... its 943? i dunno... and i need to do stuff... but... all i'm thinking about is freaking wind waker... that game is so gonna rock. hmm...

gotta write a paper... and work on my monologues and my scene.

i wish that i wasn't the biggest slacker in the world sometimes... and then, i think about it... and i don't

i mean, sure, most of the time i forget things, and i don't go to class, and then i end up not getting my homework done... but... i realized... thats just the way i am. my grades are ok right now... i'm basically getting a c average. so i can't really complain.

thoughts on Jessanna.

if you haven't met her yet... i have no idea where you've been. but, dee and i are slowly merging into one person that we like to call jessanna. i admit, at first it was a little scary. you know... always having that other person around in your head... and then the sharing the brain... but now its ok. we lost the brain the other day though. i thought i was going to go crazy! but it was safe, dee just forgot it by her computer.

the thing that really gets me about dee and i is this: even though we pretend that we are becoming one... we're not. we are two totally different people who like alot of the same things. that's just how it worked out. but we are really different in a lot of ways. i mean, how we react to things is totally different. dee reacts in a more emotional way, and i don't. if something makes dee mad, she confronts it more often than i would. when it comes to getting things done, dee is work first play later... i (as we all know) am the exact opposite. and finally, (this one may be a little far fetched) i like zelda better because of the real time battles, and dee likes final fantasy more because of the turn based battles. anyways, what i'm trying to say is this: dee and i may have a lot in common, but, we aren't the same person, nor will we ever be. dee and i have different friends and different lives and i refused to totally combine them.

if you're wondering what the heck brought this on... well. uh... lots of things did. but mostly my concern about my friends feelings brought this on... normally i'm not much of a talker/writer/journal thingy... but today is an exception.

and now back to my zelda rant.

I CAN'T WAIT! why isn't here yet?
i want it so bad... zelda... where...

(walks away do finally do her homework)
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