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i really hate when you think you know someone... and then, half way through a year or so... they completely change and you have no freaking idea who they are.

it sucks. i feel really happy for those of you who haven't felt this. keep it that way!

i mean, you see the person.... and you are all like "oh wow! there is (potatoe)!" but it isn't really (potatoe). it is only (potatoe's) body and not their personalitly that you knew. it really throws you off and you have no idea what the rules of engaugement are... you don't know if you can say Hi or if you should just wave, or if you should hug them... GAH i hate it when the freaking rules change!!!!!! i don't know how to react anymore!!!!!!!!!!

(flops to the floor... crawls over to her chair... pulls herself up into it... reaches down to start the gamecube... and turns on the tv... her face finally relaxes as the images of link and zelda grace her screen...)

and people wonder why the fuck i play these games? cause the rules don't change. sorry... that's the way it is. i know exactly what to do in here

(settles down for a LONG gaming session)
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