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ok... here is the necessary details for the veiwing and the funeral.

The Veiwing is tomorrow (which is Friday) from 6pm-9pm.
It will be held at Herr- Riggs Funeral Home. It is located at 210 S. Main Street in Middletown, OH. If you come into middletown on the bridge, turn right at the light, and follow that street past the tennis center. The very next light is at the Sorg Mansion. Turn right again, and you'll be on S. Main. The Funeral Homes is right next to the Sorg Mansion.

The funeral, will be held on Sat. at 10. We will start at the Funeral Home, have a service there, go the the burial site...
after that, we are having a reception at Greenbush United Methodist Church at approx. around 12. If you need help or any further instructions... call me... or im me... i'll be glad to help.
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