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1st day in L.A.

i finally moved all the way out of the dorm last night and got all of
my stuff home. it is really wierd not living in oxford anymore... i
mean, just the thought of it. i wasn't home very long at all. i
packed last night for my trip today. if you didn't know.. i'm going
to california to stay with jennie for a week. i think it will be lots
of fun.

i woke up this morning at 730 without an alarm... i was very
surprised. i got all my stuff together and then we left for the
airport. i didn't have any problems at all in the dayton airport and
my plane even left exactly on time. on the plane, i met this very
nice girl named autumn. she and i talked most of the way to chicago
which was where my flight connected. and then, when we got to the
terminal, we found out that she was going to l.a. also. we got really
excited only to find out that she had one more connection than i did.
(sighs) oh well... i can't luck in everything... her flight didn't
leave for a long time so she walked with me to my next gate and sat
and talked with me for the longest time... which was really helpful.
she gave me her phone number so that when we both got back in town we
could go hang out and stuff. sounds good to me. then my plane began
boarding. i am glad that i ended up choosing the interary with only
one connection. my flight to california was very pleasant also... i
sat by the window again (i sat by the window on the way to chicago
also) and the cutest elderly couple sat with me. i was very glad that
both times my seat mates were pleasant... otherwise i would have had a
hard time on the plane...

i still can't believe the way the clouds looked from up above... it
was incredible... i mean, i've flew before, so it wasn't a new thing
for me... but still... it gets me every time

when i got off of the plane, i went to go get my luggage and there was
jennie holding a sign that said "optimis prime" i couldn't believe
it. jennie introduced me to her friend todd and within minutes... we
were singing the cowboy bebop theme song... grabbed my bag and got
out of the airport. (phew) we drove to take todd home. the funniest
thing was that on the way out of todd's house, i was giving jennie
directions... yeah... i mean... i don't even live in l.a.
at jennie's house we come in and get my stuff in. sit and watch tv
for a while... and i got to play cosrin! (score!) then we had to drop
valerie (jennie's sister) off at her school for her concert. we had
an hour to kill between when we dropped her off and when we were
supposed to be there, so jennie and i went to eat. we decided on
going to a mexican restaurant where i promptly ordered the least
spicest food item on the menu... which was really good. jumped in the
car and got to valerie's concert in time. it was a very good concert
with most of the songs by Gershwin... i sang alot of them in high
school which made me happy! i could sing along with them (smiles) now
we are back from the concert and i'm heading off to bed. g'night all!
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