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L.A. Day 2 - ~Xmen and Anime and Action Figures OH MY~ -

today started out well. i had a good night's sleep and woke up a few minutes before jennie came in and "officially"
woke me up. we ate breakfast and left the house about 10. the coolest part was that jennie's mom kinda gave me 20
dollars and i was all like SCORE! free money!!! we went to a rummage sale at a temple and i found some pokemon
manga... i couldn't believe it... and the coolest part was that it was only 25 cents! jennie didn't find anything of
particular interest. then we left to go to jennie's old high school's fair. (phew i need to take a break after
typing that)

the fair was really cool. but it was much more... expensive and ritsy. i had some greek food at the fair for lunch.
it was very tasty. and then, an ASIAN band played and the lead guitarist was very very asian... (for those of you
who do not know... i really really like asians!) SCORE! anyways... i won a candle at a game... and that was about
it... i met some fo jennie's high school friends who i don't remember their names. after the fair, we went to find
goodwill so that i could obtain a hat. because, well, i'm doofus and forgot a hat. on the way, jennie asked if we
could stop at this second hand cd store and of course i said sure. we parked the car and walked around to the front
of the stores. on the way to the cd store, i saw in a store window some yu-gi-oh. this lead me to believe that
maybe... just maybe... there was more anime on the inside. we went in.. i looked around... and saw... NO MORE ANIME.
well crap. oh well... went out and got to the cd store. jennie bought a jude cd. i bought... NOTHING!! wee haw!
well leaving the store... i happened to glance across the street. i about fainted. or died... either would have been
appropriate. for, across the street, was a video game/card/toy/action figure store. I KNOW, it was incredible. so
i begged jennie for access to the store... at jennie was a little reluctant... but... i, being the all powerful,
persuasive, good looking, nice smelling, color blind person that i am, i talked her into walking me across the
street, TO HEAVEN, where i immediatly upon entering, DIED. there was too much for me to even begin describing...
manga, action figures, video games, dvds, vhs, and... basically... everything that i have ever wished to obtain. WEE plus, as an added bonus... there were asians working there! oh well... i don't think that i'll ever get me a guy at the rate i'm going.

after the anime store, we finally arrived at goodwill. i purchased a hat and jennie obtained a new shirt (i think). we then left for home. we were really tired and so we took a nap as soon as we arrived. slept for like... 3 hours and then we got up and didn't do much of anything. we decided that we were going to see X2 and then we ate dinner. good stuff. parsketti (laughs) with meat balls and salad. yum.

oh my ... i really enjoyed the movie... i don't think that i could tell you how much that i enjoyed it. and i rediscovered my... erm... fondness of hugh jackman as wolverine... (((DROOLS ALL OVER HER KEYBOARD))) needless to say, WOW. (clears her throat) One of my favorite xmen, nightcrawler, was in this movie which makes me uber happy. and a good time was had by all.

SCORE FOR FREE MOVIE THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (crawls into bed to dream sweet dreams of men with tails...)
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