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L.A. day 3 - ZOO-

jennie had an orthodontist appointment this morning so i slept in till she got back. then, we up and headed to the zoo! (well that is, after my lucky charms!!! (grins)) the zoo was a lot of fun, but it was huge! i swear... it was so big that jennie and i couldn't see it all! we were too tuckered out from walking! but... we got to see lots of the animals. even elephants! first off, when i go to the zoo, i always get a map and check off where we have been so that we don't have to back track to see all the animals. but, when we got our maps today, i realized i didn't have a pen! so... we went to the souvenier shop and got one. now i have a super cool floaty pen. as we were walking around, i noticed that they weren't alot of people around. i was really glad for that. jennie and i decided that we wanted to visit the children's zoo so that we could pet the fuzzy animals. SCORE AND A HALF!!!! the funniest thing was... that all day... almost every animal we came up to... decided that it was time to use the bathroom. jennie blaimed on herself... and i just thought it was hilarious! also, when we went to see the turtles... we walked up and they were making some very interesting noises... i walk a little faster than jennie so i got there first... i look at the turtle making all the noise, and i just KNEW what was going on... you see, he was on top of another turtle... and then jennie walked up and goes "geez turtles make funny noises" and i tried to not laugh! i told her what was going on and she goes OH! it was really funny. but... the best part of the day... was... when we first walked by the otter's enclosure... there were none around. it made me so sad. but, then, we came back on our way out and... OTTERS!!!!!! SCORE!!!! they were all playing and stuff. it was fantastic. so then we walked the mile and a half to get back to the car (sniggers) and then we came home. i laid down cause i was a little tired and i ended up falling asleep for the longest time... so i have no idea how late i'll be up tonight. when i woke up, jennie made me dinner! SCORE! and then, it was POKEMON time... so i watched it... now i think that i'm pretty much done for the night, i might play some cosrin before i go to sleep and that will rock so much. YAY!

in other news... i had the wierdiest dream last night... i think it had something to do with the fact that i saw x2... but i'm not certain... (grins)

lets just say that i dreamed i was married to a certain individual from the movie, that happens to have a tail. SCORE. i really have no idea what is with me and guys who have tails...
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