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L.A. Day 4 - Wild Goose Chases -

i woke up fairly early today. jennie was still asleep when i woke up so i just hoped on the net for a while. then we decided, that is, when jennie woke up... that we were going to go to the six flags theme park today! score! so jennie went to take a shower. we had to wait for her mom to come home to give jennie some money. while we waited.. we made breakfast! waffles and juice. it was really good. it was taking her mother awhile to get home, so we figured we would go and get some coupons for discounts at the six flags. first we went to ralph's (which is a store very similar to iga) and then we went to burger king. both which we were told had coupons... and neither did. (sighs) so that was basically a wild goose chase... when we got to the burger king, and they didn't have the coupons, we just decided not to go. by that time, it was already about 2 oclock and the park closed at about 6. we would've only had 4 hours and without coupons... it wasn't worth it. jennie then suggested we just go to the mall. so we decided that was cool. but then jennie realized that we could go to city walk instead. city walk is this very cool place right outside of univeral studios that is basically just chock full of shops and stuff... it was great. we walked around for a while and went into lots of shops. we went into one shop and it was another one of those anime stores... i so wish there were stores like it back home. in this store, though, i found something that i didn't even expect to find... i found an action figure from majora's mask! LINK AND EPONA!!!!!!! i fainted and immediately decided to buy it. but... i waited awhile and came back and THEN i bought it *squeels in delight* also, i bought a manga... i guess you would call it a weekly/monthly magazine... it makes me very happy... and there is a picture that i need to scan in to show everyone... then, jennie decided that we were going to eat dinner there at city walk. which was cool. but she wanted to meet up with some of her old friends from highschool so she called a few. but turns out only one could come. he was cool, his name was nick. we ate at this very expesive restaurant called calidays? im not really sure... i'll have to get back to you on that one. but it was a lovely dinner. i had some really good soup and shrimp pasta... of course... they weren't together you know... anyways... after dinner i went and bought jennie a birthday present finally. it was a sigmund frued action figure! (laughs) i knew i would rub off on her... we came home and nick came too. we then decided that we were going to go bowling, and we did. a good time was had by all as we bowled. nick fell many a time while bowling, jennie shook her fists constantly in mock anger at the ball, and i proceeded to do the worst i have ever bowled... ever. (laughs) but its ok! when i got home for the night, jennie went straight to bed and i stayed up for awhile... i played online monopoly which was quite... wierd... and now i'm going to bed! i'll talk at you all later!!!
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