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are your gold are belong to us - abriel in shouts yesterday

yeah... so i didn't post my last two days in L.A. yet... but i will when my computer gets hooked up to the net. right now i'm using my family's desktop and my laptop is up stairs in my room. so soon... very soon... i haven't been doing much since i got home... unpacking and cleaning my room mostly. turns out that the fetch people never called me back. so i don't have a job *frowns* well bleh on them. tonight i get to go see the matrix so i'm happy about that. and i might even get to see it again on thurs. because i am that good. SCORE! i might be getting xenosaga as a gift which is awesome... but i don't know for sure yet... i'll tell you when the package gets here. i miss everyone so much... i haven't been doing anything at all and i'm so used to seeing everyone. *sighs* but its ok... i'll see emily tonight... and dee gets back soon... and i might go hang out with mark later this week if i get stuff done... (i really really wanna see last exile 5 and mark has it!!!!) anywho... gotta get back to doing my room... at the rate i'm going... i'll be moved in by the time i need to move back into miami. SCORE AGAIN and weeeeeeeeeeeeee
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