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last days in l.a.

here is the promised entry... its a little late... but whatever...

yesterday was pretty good. the day started out ok with jennie and i sleeping in a little later than normal. when we woke up, i had some lucky charms! (SCORE!) Almost as soon as i was done with them... jennie's mom came and asked me if i wanted to go and eat with her and jennie. *doh* so i ate for no reason basically... which sucks... anyways, so we leave to go out and eat. the place was called joseph's and it was pretty cool. i didn't get anything to eat but jennie's mom insisted that i try uhm.... potato ajdksaod... or something like that. *grins* well it was a jewish food and it had potatoes in it. so they figured that i would like it. it was pretty good i just can't remember the name... *sorry jennie* after joseph's we decided that we were going to go to hollywood for the rest of the day. so we go to hollywood!!!! in hollywood, we visited the ripley's believe it or not, guiness world records, and the wax muesum. we also walked around for a while looking at the stars on the sidewalk. i got pictures of some of my favorite actors and movies in the wax muesum. around that time we had run out of money, and the only things that were playing in the two movie theatres there were X2 and the lizzy mcguire movie... jennie didn't want to see X2 agian *sadness* and i didn't want to see lizzy... so we just decided to go home. we were going to try to go to third street later that night with some of jennie's friends... but none of them could go and jennie doesn't like to go there without boys so we didn't go. instead... we went to california pizza king! it was good stuff man let me tell you what... i order uhm... some kinda shrimp pizza... and it was good!!! jennie got a toastada *laughs* erm yeah... whatever...and then we came home and called it a night... i was way tired and i didn't really feel like posting last night so i didn't... my bad... i'm sorry. went to sleep late though... *coughs* got up later than we expected though this morning... we were going to try to go to the beach before my flight because i never got to go... but jennie's alarm clock didn't go off so we didn't get up in time. i packed all my stuff really quickly and waited for jennie to take a shower. then we left the house on my final ride through l.a. we got to the airport right on time and i go to check in and get my tickets. at first they were all like..."you're not listed on the flight ... and blah blah blah..." i got all scared and stuff and then jennie got yelled at for "parking" were she was sitting so she had to go and leave and come back... finally, they find my flight and i got my tickets and i checked my luggage. then, since my flight wasn't until a really long time... (turns out my itenirary was wrong? it said that my flight was at like... 1158, but it was actually at like... 1258) so jennie and i had just enough time for us to head to the beach! SCORE!!!! i thought that i wasn't going to get to see it but i did!!!!! luckily, i had a mini water bottle in the car that i could use to put sand in! i took one picture of the pacific and got some sand and hopped back in the car. it was the funniest thing though, walking around the airport with sand in my shoes... as a matter of fact i think there still is some in there!! both of my flights were really good, and i got window seats again go me!! the only thing was, my connection in chicago was almost ... not good. i got off my plane from l.a. to chicago and had to run to the direct opposite side of the terminal in like... 5 MINUTES!!!!!!!!!! to catch my flight to dayton... lets just say that i was a little tired when i got to the plane... *giggles* anywho... when i got to the airport my mom and dad were waiting on me and we drove home... now... that my trip is overwith... i have SO much unpacking to do... i mean, i have to unpack from the trip as well as unpack from college. i didn't get a chance before i left to do that! *sadness* looks to be a long week for me...
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