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what the heck i've been up to...

alrighty. let's get this thing started out right.
I'M 19!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

since, uhm, yesterday and stuff. score eh?

right. anywho... on with the show.

since my last entry, i haven't been up to much. still trying to find a job, still at home, still wishing i had a faster internet... *sighs* i have managed to obtain three kittens in which i am taking of them in the best way i know how. i hope that they will be ok and not be screwed up and stuff when the grow up! *grins* just kidding, i know how to raise kitties. the first one we found, is a black tabby, and i named her lulu. lulu is from ffX and she is a black mage... get it? right... next we found a black and tan tabby and i named her neko. neko is the japanese word for cat. and finally we found a gray tabby and dee named him hero. hero is what we decided on after a heated debate on wether or not "plum" was a manly name... i really love my kittens and even though they cut into my free time i would not get rid of them for any reason!
went to the doctor yesterday/today well i mean, the third.. gah!
anywho, so i'm on zoloft now... hope it will do its job and help me get back on my feet. and no... THEY ARE NOT HAPPY PILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they just balance out your hormones in your brain. SHEESH!!! what else have i done.... oh, went thrifting with mark, uhm... sometime... i dont recall exactly... but yeah... got a cool army trench coat, jurassic park figures, and a pokemon folder. so it was very fruitfull.

next, i need advice... and i need lots of it... recently... well oh man... this is harder to write than i thought. actually, now that i think about it... if you know my cell number... call me, and i'll fill you in. i just can't bring my self to post it...


went to a job interview today/yesterday... at Wild berry, hope i get the job, keep your fingers crossed and what not...

also applied at la rosa's in oxford.. GOSH i just need a gosh darn job...

i think that's about it... oh no wait
my birthday was great, thanks everyone who came to my "party" *laughs* basically, we had cake and ice cream and watched evil dead. SCORE! i have free tickets thought to joker's comedy cafe... hopefully we are going friday... so if you wanna go... and your free on friday... call me or write me an email!!! i want lots of people to go... i got about 12 free tickets....

that's about it here... if you miss me... call me please... cause most likely i miss you too but haven't called...
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