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my weekend

hmm...friday i went to see "exicution of justice". i thought it good play. then brian, my friend from high school who took me to see the play, asked if i wanted to go to starbucks. so we did. heck yeah! anyways. i had fun and i got to see brian. sat, i took dee and jennie to go see the puppys. see, we have this pact that if ever any of us is unhappy or upset about something, we all go to see the puppys. in miamisburg that is. we go to the petstore and we get out the puppys and play with them. it is so much fun! that night, jennie and i went to my highschool's homecoming. i went with josh...(of course) and jennie went with josh's friend ryan. we had a great time up purse was stolen. luckily, otherpeoples stuff was stolen also.. so the cops were actually doing their job in trying to find stuff. well, the dance ended and people were leaving, when they found everybodies stuff. all packed into one car. the car was a girls that i know wouldn't steal all that stuff. so i got my purse back. but, josh's stuff was missing from my purse. yeah... so fun times... sun i got up and went to go and strike the set. i piece of wood fell on my shoulder and it hurts now. (IN THE SAME SPOT YOU BIT ME JENNIE!!!!) (looks at jennie with eyes that makes anyone who reads this feel guilty) then i went with emily's boyfriend, sean, to rp. it seems like a really cool rpg we are about to play. but, now i have to come up with another character...(sadness) maybe i'll just copy one off of that really plagerism?
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