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went to the counselor yesterday around 1. then, i had to take janna's boyfriend home to lakengren. score! i needed to go there anyways to give trisha her purse... so it wasn't to bad. stayed at trisha's for the longest time, then trisha wanted me to pick up james for her, so we did and headed to her brother's house. her brother lives right outside of oxford. his house is kinda old... but the rent is cheap and its a big house. and he is only living with one other guy... so i think its a pretty good deal. after that, at 8, i went into oxford to meet up with jessie. she works at the movie theatre so.. we went and watched finding nemo for free. *jams with jessie* score!! but before the movie... see, jessie got off work at 8 but the movie didn't start til 930... so we went and ate at Phan Shin. great food... it serves chinese and thai food... *yum* we had fun there... and we paid for each others meal. cause we were celebrating each others b-days!!! we're both 19 now... the movie was good. it was very cute. i recommend it. after the movie, we went back to her house in oxford. its freaking awesome!!!!! i really wish that i didn't live with my parents and that i could move to oxford... i miss that freedom. she moved though, because she doesn't drive yet, and she works and goes to school. so she can walk every where. *nods* i think its a good deal.
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