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I haven't done much of anything recently. Still looking for a job, and still not finding one. Friday I went to drop my sister off at graduation. She's not graduating but alot of her friends are. Zac graduated this year, along with a few others that I'm good friends with. I went into graduation for 5 mins. I didn't feel that I belonged there... *shrugs* oh well. Anyways, after that, Emily, Sean, Courtney, Kim, Sam, Jessie, Mark, and Mark's friend Becky came with my mom, her friend and I to Joker's to celebrate my birthday. I got free tickets so... It was fun. Although, one of the comics was funny, but not to my tastes... Saturday I went to a 4h meeting and then to Jessie's. Ate lunch with her and her mom and then dropped her off at work. Saturday night, I went to Trisha's house and spent the night. We went to the Kroger in Oxford and bought all of the rice candy. ALL. *laughs* Sunday, I got up, went home, and then later in the day, went with my mom to my Grandma's house. I am ok with going there now, so you don't have to worry too much about me. My mom and dad were talking, and they want someone at her house so people think someone is still living there. I told them that I might be ok with that, but I would need visitors alot... I mean... ALOT. I'm still thinking it over, and so are my parents. Monday, I got up, did my chores, and then took Janna to work. Afterwards, I went and picked Trisha and her boyfriend James up, and took them to Jeff's graduation party. First, we were at pizza hut with him, and then to Kmart, and then back to his house for cake and icecream. I had alot of fun. Jeff showed me his drawings that he did... *drools* oh man... He made this calendar, and I want one so badly... Then we started talking about anime, and someone asked about Grave of Fireflies. I had never seen it and Jeff was like "you haven't?!" so he went and got his dvd and let me borrow it. We watched part of Akira while at Jeff's, and the all of Fight Club, which Zac had never seen... fun times. Took Trisha and James home and then went to bed. Today, I got up, did my chores, and then I sat down to watch Grave of Fireflies...
Now, I'll tell you... I'm not one for crying. I'm not an... emotional type person when it comes to movies. Only a couple movies have ever made me cry. Braveheart being one of them. But, I bawled. This, I have to say, was the saddest movie I ever seen. EVER. It was very good, but man... I cried, and cried, and then the credits rolled and I cried some more. I'm gonna give it back to Jeff today, but... If you get a chance, Rent this movie! It is very good. aw man... now I'm all sad and stuff... *sighs and walks off*
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