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*hums and rocks back and forth*

so i'm not much better... still sick... score and a half. i decided that i will move into my grandmother's house. i move in tomorrow. if anyone wants to come and visit me that would totally rock my socks off. but whatever i know you all are busy and what not. went shopping on saturday with my mom and dad. it is always a dangerous thing, my dad and i in an electronics store. and needless to say, we bought stuff. we got a digital camcorder and surround sound speakers. so score! not much happened today... went and got a bathing suit for vacation. also, got a cool bag and flip flops. now all i need is a belt and sunglasses. then, my mom wanted to go to the movies, so i went with her. we saw hollywood homicide. it was ok. and now, i'm at home, and i can't sleep. *sighs* i was doing good for awhile... you know... going to bed on time, waking up at 930 or so... but now, its all thrown off. also, i compeletly broke my laptop. its finished. i some how broke windows... i was talking to zac about it and i said, "you know... it either takes a real genius or a moron to break my computer as many times as i have. And i think its the latter, not the former," and zac was like, "see, you'll be a genius, though, if you fix it." so now i'm on a mission. i must fix my computer before my dad finds out and kills me. wish me luck... though somehow, i don't think that will help...
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