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there are times in life, when you feel utterly and completely alone. i know... i've felt them loads of times before. but tonight, right now, was different. most of the times i've felt alone, i was scared, sad, depressed... you know... all of the things... tonight, i am completely alone. and yet, i'm not feeling anything like that. i felt like someone, somewhere was actually thinking about me, and actually cared whether or not the would ever hear from me again. i know that some of you will say, well we always think of you like that! and i know... but i mean... the deeper caring if you catch my drift. i'm not very good at explaining myself most of the time... and this is the first time i've updated my feelings like this in a long time. *ponders* but then again... maybe i'm just making all this crap up and its just the meds im on screwing with my head... yeah... i bet that's it...

maimi is just around the corner... and i can't wait. i got my band music in the mail today and i haven't looked it over yet. but i think its going to be fun.

on a completely different note: recently, josh has been calling me alot and coming to see me alot. not quite sure what to think of this new development.

well its getting late even for me... so i'll say adeu and hope for the best today.
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