Jessi (nada_123) wrote,

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why does the wind blow,
through the trees of my home?
why does the sun shine,
when you are gone?
my soul cries out for you,
where is my love?
I'd surely die for you,
can't you see?

i just made that little diddy up yesterday will i was changing... it doesn't look like much written down, but if you get the chance, ask me to sing it for you. *nods a lot* now... what have i been up to..

deedle come home on saturday and we went to go see the pirates of the caribean. it was a really good movie! but... stupid rude people got dee and i really steamed. Dee got so mad she went to get the usher. they were quiet after that so it was worth it. *nods* after the movie, we went to steak n shake, had some foodage and then went home. at her house, whatched some .hack//sign and then i left. sunday did lots of work for my family (i did saturday too, i just forgot to put it up there /^\) and then my family decided to go to olive garden. yum. i got that new shrimp and crab ravioli... oh my goodnes... very good. and then today i got up and did my everyday chores and whatched some last exile. so far, a very good day. *smug*
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