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midafternoon confusion optional

so i woke up like... just a few minutes ago. i roll over and look at one of my clocks that sits beside my bed. it says, 3:30pm. i was like... oh... that's good. so then i roll back the other way and look at my computer clock and it says 12:00. uh huh. finally i whipped out my cell and looked at its time and finally it was correct. 12:54. CRAP!!! i was supposed to be up by 11:30!!! *sighs* i'm a freaking moron sometimes... honestly...

last night when i was talking on the phone to josh... he seemed down and he wouldn't tell me why... hopefully i'll find out today.

i have to drive my sister to work today. i'm not really sure why... doesn't she have a car? *ponders* eh, oh well, at least that means i get to ask her for gas money... *sniggers* i'm supposed to go and hang out with mark today, so i hope that she'll give me some gas money... otherwise... i'll be on the side of 75 thumbing for some gas. That could be pretty interesting... but i don't want to find out.

i hope ryan calls soon
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