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i had to go to THE doctor... if you know what i mean... anyways... so last year when i went, i passed out. didn't get anything done because apparently they aren't allowed to check you while you are passed out. so anyways... that was hanging over my shoulders when i returned yesterday. when i am under pressure, i tend to start to hyperventailate.. and so ... uhn.... yeah. it happened again. *sighs* but, before i passed out this time... i cried in front of the nurse. so then the nurse was all like... you gonna be ok? of course i said yes instead of how i really was feeling... while i waited for the doctor to come in... the WORST song that could have ever been playing on there stereo came on. *sighs some more* you know that song.... "i come from a land down under"? yeah... then the doc came in and i passed out on the table.

you would think that yesterday, then, was one of the worst days of my life... but, it wasn't.

After the doctor, and the reviving fiasco, my mum took me to a furniture store, and then to meijer, and then car shopping... that was just a little random. around 2 though, ryan called me to hang out. so we did. we hung out lots.

you're like rain... you're like rain... you're like rain...
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