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midmorning madness...

Interesting convo that me and one of my buddies had at 5 in the morning...
(you know you don't get enough sleep when...)

me: hide the body!
Luci: lol
Luci: pretend to die.. wake up to tell him what to do.. pretend you didnt say anything
Luci: *G*
me: would you like to except this oscar? *hands you the little golden man*
me: *giggles*
Luci: *hur*
Luci: *eeps as the oscar falls on her dustbunny-ness* *crunch*
Luci: *muffled* It's okay! I'm made out of body hair!
Luci: *rofl*
me: well shoot, we've never had a dead person except the award... *ponders*
me: i guess that means...
me: I GET IT
Luci: *nudges* *whispers* Shoot the duutbunny to make sure shes dead
Luci: *crawls back under the oscar*
me: *sniggers*
Luci: Really, I'm fine, I can take it!
me: *pats the carpet* well, i pretty sure she's dead...
Luci: *starts to drag it inconspicuoulsy under the carpet*
Luci: *pretends not to notice the big lump*
Luci: *from under the carpet* I'm rich!
me: *stares at the carpet and releizes that the oscars had dissapeared...*
Luci: *giggles*
me: where did it go?
me: *ponders*
Luci: *rofl*
Luci: *fromunder the carpet* It ran away!
me: it was just here?
Luci: It's not with me!
Luci: *tries to move the huge carpet to cover the bump*
me: *looks around and decides that there is no way she is going to look under the carpet at the dead Luci*
me: *shudders*
Luci: *giggles*
me: that's just gross
Luci: I'm made of body hair!
me: aww... she's all bloated now already
Luci: You can't kil me or my oscar!
Luci: *oops*
me: i guess i'll have to bury her
Luci: *runs of frantically dragging her oscar*
me: *picks up the entire carpet and ties the ends in knots*
Luci: *moves across the floor about the pace of a snail, running frantically*
Luci: Ahhhh!
Luci: I'm flying!
me: *giggles*
me: YOU'RE NOT DEAD!!!?!?!??!?!
Luci: Um..
me: *stares at you*
me: and...
Luci: *from far away*
Luci: Am so?
me: that's my oscar!
me: *points*
Luci: *plays dead*
Luci: *wonders what a dustbunny playing dead looks like*
me: *runs after you frantically*
Luci: *wakes up* I'm not dead! *catches a breeze and drifts around*
me: you can't steal from the stealer!!!!
me: i stole that oscar fair and square!
Luci: *wafts in the air* Muhahah! Catch me now!
me: you were dead!
me: hmm...
me: *stares up at you*
Luci: *stares down*
Luci: Wait.. my oscar!
me: aha!
Luci: *tries to flap her way down to the floor*
Luci: *fails!*
Luci: *wafts around*
me: *leaps and lands directly on top of the oscar*
me: its min....
Luci: Ouch, it's pointy, no?
me: ouch
Luci: *giggles*
me: *rubs her tummy*
me: eh, at least i got it!
Luci: *lands on you and makes you itch where you can't reach*
me: ack!
me: *tries to scratch, but can't reach*
Luci: *jumps away and grabs the oscar, dragging it under the couch, where all things disappear..?
Luci: *
Luci: *end scene*
me: *snaps*
Luci: *muhaha*
me: man...
me: i was that close
me: *holds her arms very far apart*
Luci: *giggles*
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