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Which Jake Gyllenhaal Character Are You?

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today i didn't do much... i woke up, ryan called, trisha and her friend derek from michigan left (cause they spent the night last night), then zac showed up, then zac left, then i took a nap, then zac came back, then jeff showed up, then i weeded the garden some what, then zac left, then i took jeff home, then i went to oxford to hang out with jessie. we went to wal*mart. jessie got to pick up her pictures. then, jessie and i saw "american wedding" at the theatres in oxford. then we made our dinner at her house, bbq chicken, potatoes, salad, and cake. then brian woodruff called jessie and we ran out to steak-n-shake. he got a new car... *wishes she had one also*

bleh... i didn't get to see ryan today though... first time in like 5 days...
tomorrow er... today is our 2 week aniversary! score!!!!!!
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