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i'm getting my wisdom teeth removed... erm... well tomorrow... er today... in less than 7 hours... this is how worried i am...

Me: less than 7 hrs
Me: *shudders*
Me: *starts to pant*
Ryan: I'm so sorry.
Me: i dont' know if i can do it
Ryan: You have to.
Me: what if something horribly wrong happens?
Me: what if they miss
Me: and my whole bottom jaw is gone
Me: or what if they cut open a main artery...
Ryan: ...That won't happen, Jessi.
Ryan: Don't worry so much.
Me: you don't know that though
Me: i ate to late
Me: i might choke
Ryan: You didn't just now eat something, did you?
Me: i want my teeth
Me: no
Me: i didn't
Me: but still...
Me: i'm so worried
Ryan: I'm sorry. I am too... Only that you're gonna stress yourself too much.
Me: wait, i don't think so is the correct word for what i am feeling... maybe more like... i'm completely and totally worried
Me: or... all incompassily worried
Ryan: That would be all encompassingly.
Ryan: *smiles slightly*
Me: so worried that i'm most likely not going to go to sleep ever
Me: *sighs*
Me: i suck
Ryan: Nope. Definitely not.
Ryan: You need to sleep.
Ryan: Don't stress yourself so much.
Me: i can't help it
Me: my teeth will not be attached to me
Me: in less than 7 hours
Ryan: The four least important ones that may cause problems.
Me: still!
Me: MY teeth
Me: all mine
Ryan: *hugs*
Ryan: Sh.
Me: they are going to rip them out of my jaw
Me: and then i'm going to bleed
Me: and i hate the way blood tastes
Me: like... iron and stuff...
Me: metallic
Me: with no a
Ryan: I don't know what else to say except I'm sorry.
Me: what if they accidently knock all my other teeth out?
Me: *shudders*
Me: i'd have to wear denturs
Me: with an e
Me: WISDOM TEETH!!!! gone...
Me: *clutches her jaw*
Me: if i get any sleep tonight...
Me: i'll be having nightmares about my wisdom teeth
Me: so i'd just rather not sleep
Me: *nods*
Ryan: Sleep.
Ryan: You're going to sleep.
Ryan: If you don't sleep then my feelings will really be hurt. *nods*
Me: really?
Ryan: Yep. So sleep.
Me: hmm
Me: no
Me: can't
Me: my wisdom teeth will eat me

i'm retarded... and really scared...
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