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soup escapades

so... friday of the first week of school...

everything is going pretty well... cept that there is apparently something wrong with my legs... *ponders* not really sure what's going on there...

dee and i decided to rebel against the dining hall today. they had some really good brocoli and cheese soup for lunch. so we decided that we wanted some for later. we grabbed some bread bowls and filled them up with the delicious soup. On our way out of the dining hall, we were stopped by a very unfortunate employee who informed us that we were not allowed to take food with us, and that we are supposed to dine in the hall. We insisted that we weren't taking anything that would need to be returned and he still insisted that we eat it there. finally, he gave in and told us that we could go ahead, just this time of course. *sniggers* WOO we got good soup. and its not like he could have stopped us. i mean seriously. anywho... i felt sorry for the poor guy cause he was just trying to do his job... but what can you do? I WANTED THAT SOUP GOSH DARN IT.
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