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k, i'm going to *try* to start updating more often... key word is try...

today is the day i have my earliest class and its at 930... hence me being up at all. I only have three classes today. But, I feel like crap on a stick. Hopefully, because i only have three, i'll be able to make it through the day. I didn't read all of the pages i was supposed to for class today... but i was only short by like ten or so... *scratches* It won't make that much of a difference.

Started a new anime series... 'called "Witch Hunter Robin" i like it alot. It is a darker anime, therefore i don't think that dee would like it. its made by the same guy that did Bebop, so we'll have to see if he did as well in this anime. ifn' you would like to watch it with me... drop me a line... and i'll set it up yo. also, soul calibur II is everything i hoped it would be. its fantastic. i'm glad that it wasn't a huge letdown. anyways...

i had better run to class now... not that its that far... only downstairs...

you envy me and you know it *grins* MUHAHAHHAHAHAHHHAHAHAH!
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