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went to the doctor yesterday about my face. hopefully it will be resolved soon... i hate my face as of now... went and saw Ryan last night also. had fun.

i have no idea why i'm up this early... but i am... and it feels like my eyes are about to leak out of my skull... yummy.

i'm in a really crappy mood because things aren't going as planned and it sucks big time. i really wish i had the motivation and the conviction to work out stuff instead of just being... bleh about things. i really need to work out opinions on major issues instead of being neutral. but then again... if i move to canada... then neutral is cool! i dunno... it just seems that everyone always has an opinion... and i don't. in "debates" i end up taking neither side and bring up points from both sides. i don't know if its just the way i am... or if i am too afraid of taking a stand for something. if i'm too afraid that my opinion will be looked down upon, or that it will lose me friends, or that i'm weak or something... i dunno... i'm just kinda typing out loud here... sorry, its more for my benefit than anyone else's.

i decided that i want to dress up as witch hunter robin for the animecon. but, the thing is... i most likely will have to make the dress myself, seeing as there aren't any dresses that i can find that look like her dress. i guess that will be ok... but if i can't get the materials needed then i'm screwed. i guess i won't go as anything in that case. i'll just wear a big sandwich board that promotes the group or something.

i think that i have been going home too much. it seems like i never see anyone anymore and i miss you all. honestly. maybe i'll stay here this weekend instead of going home... anyone want to hang out? even if i do end up going home... i'll still want to hang out sometime this weekend... if anybody is up for it... that would be cool...

ok... take care now... bye bye then....
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